EKIZAH STUDIO is a British luxury loungewear label.

With a colour pallet inspired by shades of the earth, EKIZAH STUDIO (pronounced "eh-kee-zah") focuses on designing and making the perfect oversized unisex tracksuit in earthy tones, launching with our classic sand beige.

EKIZAH STUDIO garments are designed and fulfilled from London and most importantly, ethically made with love, using only high quality 100% cotton premium fabrics. All orders use entirely compostable packaging made from cornstarch and garments are sustainably made in small batches to ensure no stock ever makes its way to landfill. 

For our ethical promise as a brand, see SOCIAL + ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY

Join our community on IG @EKIZAHSTUDIO and if you would like to get in touch please send us an email at EKIZAHSTUDIO@gmail.com